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Your customers are active on social media sites, is your business? Social Media is now a necessary part of the marketing mix and helps convert traffic to customers. Social Media allows brands to achieve long lasting relationships with customers, share their brand identity and engage with their current customer base. However, just creating a Facebook business page and then abandoning it does not make you “active” within the social realm. Social Media is all about engaging with your customers and talking with them instead of at them. can help you build social media outlets, maintain and even train you for your social circles.

Social Media Marketing is about engaging your fans and allowing them to market for you. creates customized social media plans based on the needs of the business, because every industry is unique. If you haven’t gotten your Social Profile created yet, we can guide you through or create your Social Media Marketing Pages for you.  Get your company noticed and your audience engaged on Social Media Sites that best apply to your business.

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Can’t afford a large social media budget? Don’t worry! We offer unique packages to fit our customer’s every need, based on current updates within the industry. Set up a training session with our Social Media Manager or let us manage your social profiles. Either way, we will help you achieve your Social Media goals and help you gain more likes, shares, followers, all while engaging with your current customer base.

Just as evolving online techniques change, so does social media. It is crucial to know the proper way to implement posts and we are here to help you! Our team is packed full of the latest Social Media knowledge and creative ideas which are customized to each individual business. SMO is the latest buzz in marketing, and is proud to be among the top 10 social media optimization firms as ranked by Utilizing blogs, video podcasts (vlogs), and Social Media sites, such as Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, leverages the power of these pull-marketing techniques to complement SEO activities and further increase brand awareness, search engine rankings and website visibility.


Facebook has reached over 1 billion active users and plays a large role in your social media marketing strategy. Facebook is the perfect place to build your brands personality and interact with customers. But, Facebook is more than just creating a business page, it’s about posting/sharing unique, relevant content with your customers and engaging with them. How do you engage with your audience? Ask questions, run polls, add interesting photos and evaluate their reactions. Analyze which style of posts are providing more value to your company, then continue posting in that manner.
Want to learn how you can be an effective Facebook Business Page Manager?
Set up a training session with our Social Media Manager, who has the latest insight and knowledge!

Twitter’s rule of 140 characters or less per posting, forces one to be straight and to the point. It is no longer feasible to create a Twitter business profile and expect to gain followers and receive ROI. The old saying, “If your going to do it, do it right” holds true for business social media sites, especially on Twitter. With millions of active users, being active on Twitter is a must. However, Twitter should be used to engage with your audience, post unique real content, and showcasing your brand’s personality rather than pushing your products and promotions to your followers. Have no idea how to get started on Twitter or are totally overwhelmed? We will work with you step by step to make sure you understand how to effectively post on your Twitter account to help boost your SEO initiatives. Don’t have the time or effort to put into your Twitter business page? Our team has the ability and knowledge to help you get noticed on one of the biggest social platforms, no matter your stage in the game.
Packages starting at $150

Pinterest is a visually appealing social site that has attracted much attention. It seems everyone and their mother has joined Pinterest but does it make sense for your business? Yes. Users spend more time on Pinterest than any other social site and the number of active users is growing daily. If your target market is active on Pinterest it is vital for your business to be present and active. Haven’t gotten started or don’t know where to start? The team at can help you! Have you created boards but aren’t sure what to do next? No problem, we can help you at any level you may be at. We will work with you to create a social strategy, set goals and start your Pinterest boards in a way that will help boost your SEO. Want to learn how to effectively manage your Pinterest business profile to effectively engage with your followers? Take some training sessions with our Social Media Manager or let us do all the work, either way our team is here to help you.

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